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The Standard American Facial

One Hour - $55

All facials are a la carte and professional skin care treatments will be recommended by your aesthetician to complete your American Skin Care experience.

The American Facial uses an Infra-ray heat mask, which works from the inside straight through to the outer skin, thoroughly cleansing the skin and releasing impurities. We take it a step further by adding an herbal solution consisting of seventeen herbs prior to the Infra-ray heat mask which is soothing and calming. The Infra-Ray heat mask softens sebum, relaxes the pores, and delivers direct heat through layers of skin to facilitate deep pore cleansing.

The last step includes a Galvanic Mask to replace a topical cream mask. A Galvanic Mask works by using positive/negative electrodes to evenly distribute a galvanic current deep below the epidermis. It forces "medicines" into the skin producing more hydration and increasing cellular health and firmness.

Included in your facial is a comprehensive skin care analysis by an American Skin Care aesthetician, a face, neck, and shoulder massage and a Home Skin Care Recommendation.